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Are You Gambling With Your Gano?

Are You Gambling With Your Gano?


The Merriam Webster “Word of the Year for 2023” Was “Authentic” Why? Authentic means real, not false, or an imitation.

So in the era of fake news, AI (artificial intelligence), and Deepfakes) we need guidance to determine what is real and what it just a fake. Don’t get fooled by fake ganoderma products. Gambling with money is recreational, gambling with your health, well, that is plain foolishness.  Las Vegas Casinos, The Mega lotteries, online games, all lure us with strike it rich claims that usually produce opposite effects.  At least 50% have to be losers or the casinos would be bankrupt.  Of course there are sometimes big winners, offset of course by big losers. However, gambling with your health is different because ALL who gamble will lose in the long run. ALL! Would you bet against a ‘sure thing’? Bet on a sure thing with products from Ma’ Cline’s Coffee.

Here are the shocking facts. Not all Ganoderma products are the same. In fact, there can be HUGE differences. This is the very reason Ma’ Cline’s Coffee was founded: Because the health conscious population needed a reliable source of effective products. An “authentic “ product. What a novel idea, don’t you think?

  • Supplements are not regulated, so beware. Quality is delivered only by a reputable, experienced grower/manufacturer committed to delivering effective products.
  • Purity and Fillers: cheap fillers are used to get the cost down because Ganoderma is expensive because it is rare. All Ganoderma from Asia must carry a lead warning.
  • There is no regulation or legal requirement on how much Ganoderma needs to be in a product to be able to use the phrase “contains Ganoderma”. Some manufacturers use a tiny amount, just for marketing purposes. Be wary of that approach. Ma’ Cline’s puts 1 capsule of pure Ganoderma in each cup of coffee. 500mg per cup, so your chances of getting results is much greater.
  • Beneficial properties: Compounds proven through research to produce results. Many things can reduce the quantity and quality of these properties. Ma’ Cline’s Coffee buys the best Ganoderma on the market today.
  • Stick to U.S. grown. Ma’ Cline’s Ganoderma is 100% USA grown.
  • Growing techniques. Research shows some methods produce more beneficial properties than other methods. The method producing high levels of beneficial compounds simply costs more.
  • If it is cheap Ganoderma, it is likely substandard in effectiveness. If it’s cheap, it is likely grown outdoors in Asia, exposed to pollution (lead and other contaminants) which can be absorbed as it grows. So these products add heavy metals to your body instead of removing them from your body. Our growers operate indoors in HEPA filtered facilities, protected from air pollution.
  • Cheaper products are less effective.

Are you a “casual” Gano user? Or are you a “serious” Gano user? Are you using Gano products simply to maintain your health? Or are you like an athlete,  always looking to better your health? Or are you addressing a specific challenge? Your Optimum HealthStyle Is Our Mission!

What’s the bottom line? There are cheaper products on the market, but effectiveness goes down with the price. Stop gambling. 

Ma’ Cline’s Coffee was founded on the principles  of consistently providing effective products, and we have never compromised our quality ethic. We refuse to gamble with your Ganoderma and you should not gamble either.

So I want to share a testimonial with you. I am my best testimonial. Today I did 11 sets of 8 chinups, same as yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. Tomorrow will complete my 5 days so after tomorrow I will have done 440 chin-ups.  Oh, I should mention that each chin-up is a “crunch up” as I bring my knees up high. I am on track for my year end goal of 10 sets of 10, 500 chin-ups per week. Not bad for a 76 year old youngster who has been enjoying Ganoderma coffee and capsules since 2008!

Ma’ Cline’s Coffee wants you to live a long healthy lifestyle! Here is a “sure thing” with no gambling. 

Use the coupon code surething20 to get 20% off your order, any size order, but for a limited time. Expires 3/31. (*You MUST be logged in as a registered customer for this coupon code to work.)

Remember that our products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.  Bet on a sure thing with products from Ma’ Cline’s Coffee.

 ~~Robert Elbert Cline

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