About us: Why do we exist?

We didn't want to start a store, but our friends and family....

Well, that is exactly how Ma' Cline's Coffee came into being. Robert and Lupita Cline were marketing reps for a company whose products seemed to vary in quality and effectiveness. In the beginning both Robert and Lupita had noticed significant changes, but then they diminished. Others noticed it. 

We went on a treasure hunt to look for something that worked for us again and we began to use the new source, self-testing s it were. Pleasantly surprised we went on our way, feeling great and back on the track to robust health. ..... Our family and friends noticed.

"What about us?" So, we simply could not leave them out. The result was the formation of a company to simply manage getting the "effective" products into their hands. Well, that was years ago and we have never looked back,